Print Test
Print Test
 Click Apply to print a test page.

E-mail Account
 You can assign an E-mail address to the print server, so that your mail of the account can be printed out directly through the printer (ASCII text only). To enable this function, enter the E-mail account in the E-mail address to print from box.

 Incoming E-mail (POP3) Server Address : Enter the server address that is used to receive your E-mail in this box.
 Outgoing E-mail (SMTP) Server Address : Enter the server address that is used to send your E-mail in this box. If your mail server needs to verify the user when sending E-mail, Print Server will apply the same Account Name and Password to the mail server as receiving E-mail .

E-mail Notification
 You can set the print server to send an alter message when the printer status changes through E-mail. To enable this function, set the Enable e-mail notification for printer status changing option to Yes. Then, input the administrator's E-mail address in the Admin E-mail Address box.

 Test E-mail Account : Click Test to send a test E-mail to the given administrator's E-mail address.

E-mail Printing
 E-mail Printing (ASCII Text Only) : Select Enable to enable the E-mail printing function.
 Receive E-mail Interval : Enter the number in this box to set up the time (in minute) to check/receive E-mail regularly.
 Receive E-mail : Click Receive to immediately check and receive E-mail, and then print out the mail when available.

TIP :Once you have changed the settings in each option, click Apply to store the settings, or Cancel to abandon.

 Click Apply to immediately reset the print server.

Factory Reset
 Click Apply to reload the factory settings of the print server.

Firmware Upgrade
 When a new version of firmware is available (e.g. downloading from the manufacturer's website), you can upgrade the firmware of your print server. Click Browse to point to the firmware file, and then click Apply.

Backup Device Configuration to File
 Click Apply to backup your current configuration of the print server to file and then save in the computer.

Restore Device Configuration from File
 You can reload a configuration that you saved before. Click Browse to point to the backup file, and then click Apply.